Live in a Home as Unique as You.

Interior Design and Decoration
Stand out from the block.

  • From your floor plan to your wall paint, at Black Sheep Interiors we’ll design a home that captures your unique personality.

  • Your Lifestyle

    We’ll get to know you and how you use your space so we can design a room you’ll love because it’s as beautiful as it is functional.

  • Your Legwork

    From floor plans and permit drawings to zoning calculations and construction specs, we’ll take care of all the planning for you.

  • Your Whole Home

    All the furniture, fabric, and even the fixtures in every room will flow in your unique and seamless design concept.

  • Black Sheep Interiors founder Tiffany Karlson has been a leading Vancouver interior designer for nearly a decade. With stunning designs that start with thorough consultations, Tiffany has helped hundreds of homeowners open the door to the home of their dreams.

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